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Welcome to Cumbria-DeafVision

Cumbria-DeafVision is a registered charity and the lead organisation for deaf issues and support in Cumbria.  We work with and on behalf of Deaf Sign Language users, deafened, Deafblind and hard of hearing people, their families, carers, communities and the professionals who work with them. 

Cumbria-DeafVision is a friendly experienced organisation providing practical specialist services, help, advice and support; working in partnership with the Voluntary Sector, Adult Social Care, Children's Services, NHS Trusts and strategic network groups.

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Latest News
Cumbria-DeafVision have recently received funding from the Police & Crime Commissioner to carry out an 'Improvement in access to service' project for the Deaf communities across the county.
01 Oct 2015
On Saturday 19th September several families with Deaf children got together to have a workshop with Music and the Deaf, a charity from Huddersfield.
29 Sep 2015
Stoptober is a public health campaign taking place in England, helping thousands of people to stop smoking each year.
21 Sep 2015
Find out about all the latest news, activities and upcoming events going on at the Balloon Project.
16 Sep 2015
Cumbria-DeafVision have attended a meeting with the County Council in order to safeguard the funding for the short breaks programme for Deaf young people.
15 Sep 2015