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Welcome to Cumbria-DeafVision

Cumbria-DeafVision is a registered charity and the lead organisation for deaf issues and support in Cumbria.  We work with and on behalf of Deaf Sign Language users, deafened, Deafblind and hard of hearing people, their families, carers, communities and the professionals who work with them. 

Cumbria-DeafVision is a friendly experienced organisation providing practical specialist services, help, advice and support; working in partnership with the Voluntary Sector, Adult Social Care, Children's Services, NHS Trusts and strategic network groups.

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Latest News
An article featuring Cumbria-DeafVision appeared in the press this week. The article outlines services offered by Cumbria-DeafVision along with other recent achievements.
19 Aug 2015
Information supplied by UK Council on Deafness which explains deaf related issues currently under parliamentary consideration
24 Jul 2015
A lottery funded music session was held at Nelson Tomlinson School by Music For The Deaf Organisation and Cumbria-DeafVision.
14 Jul 2015
All the latest news including a cake decorating course, spirit walk, Healthwatch meeting, volunteer week and new employment for Rebecca Kiggins
14 Jul 2015
Cumbria Community Foundation has been awarded winner of the 2015 Grant making and funding category at the Charity Awards.
07 Jul 2015